Your Genealogy

Did you grow up listening to the stories your grandparents told? Are you curious about where your ancestors came from? If you want to know more about your genealogy, this site can help you out!

an old man and woman sitting next to each other holding a binder

Immediate Tools

Before you dive into researching great-grandparents and beyond, gather what you already know and what your family knows. A family member's memory and stories can provide more than the basic facts.

an image that says research your family tree with a tree on it

Online Tools

The Internet has many resources available for further research on genealogy. There are many major websites and software programs that will help you trace your family lines through many generations.

a bunch of gravestones in a graveyard

Hands-On Tools

If you need more in-depth research, consider traveling to the source of where family history might be. This can include graveyards, churches, government buildings, and more. This might help you find an original document.

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